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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  August 5, 2010 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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i even bought her a computer with my new citi forward card. then one day... have you seen this? she "friended" me. there's a whole album. [ laughs ] [ groans ] and started posting pictures. ♪ and tagging me. publicly. [ male announcer ] you ought to be rewarded for being dependable. the citi forward card gives you extra points for paying your bill on time and staying within your credit limit. nice tights. what's your story? the citi forward card can help you write it. first, the wild weekend storm that kept thousands in the dark for days. then the second system creates a metro nightmare. now, perhaps the most powerful storm yet.
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the damage is expansive. yes, more than 100,000 power outages. >> you never know what will happen. >> where the cleanup stands now. >> unprecedented severe weather. bob is tracking what is next, now. the breaking news tonight, the aftermath of one of the most powerful and widespread summer storms in recent years. this is video from alexandria after city leaders have declared a local emergency and are asking everyone to stay off the roads. the situation is not much better in prince george's county, where tens of thousands remain without power. we have extensive storm watched coverage. our reporters have the information you need to know. ryan, we go to abc 7's bob who has been tracking the storm
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all afternoon. >> it has been a summer of almost unprecedented weather. almost two weeks ago, you can see what is left of the ferocious line at that has moved well to the south, down through the tidewater area, where it will stay. there are another few showers around cleveland. that is the leading edge of much more comfortable air. on doppler, all that is left of this line as well to the south, around chesapeake bay. from here on in, things will improve quite a bit. there were wind gusts of almost 80 m.p.h. in parts of alexandria. overnight tonight, the remainder of the night, the storms continue to move to the south, noticeably lower humidity coming in, and will be comfortable. not only comfortable, but everybody can continue and begin the recovery process.
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it has been another outbreak of really severe weather. fortunately, or tornadoes, nor will there be any reported. it -- fortunately, no tornadoes. >> it appears that the areas hardest hit is alexandria, where the power is out, homes damaged. jennifer donelan spent the evening in alexandria and arlington and has the very latest. >> you know what, this was a storm where there was literally too much ground to cover. it behind me, one example. one massive tree fell from behind this row of townhouses. they cut the tree on the ground, working on it for hours. as we bring the camera up, you can see where it literally slashed into the roof and these homes are uninhabitable. the storm was shocking, the
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cleanup overwhelming. >> it looks like this place has been bombed. >> jam packed on g.w. parkway, giant trees crashing down on the roadway and a car and a bus filled with tourists. >> it was scary. >> they said the trees were blocking both directions. >> the major thoroughfare was shut down at the height of rush hour. >> it is backed up everywhere. amador lightning strikes outside in partial loss of power inside national airport when the wind and sheets of rain whipped through, grounding flights. in alexandria neighborhoods, more than six trees cracked apart. neighbors pulled together to cutout. >> he was just going for it. >> look at your car. >> yeah, what do i do? it is nature.
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>> from 1 yard to the next, the wind spirit little. old town blocks and businesses were in the dark. candles and lanterns helped light the way inside the lobby of this hotel monaco. >> we have opened up the doors to the community and people rode out the storm with us. >> we're talking about the wind around 80 m.p.h., no surprise about the extent of the damage in alexandria. the mayor said the city looked like a war zone and declared a local state of emergency. he is asking residents to be prepared to go days without power. jennifer donelan, abc 7 news. getting to the number of power outages, is going down. in northern virginia, dominion says about 39,000 customers are without power. in the district, pepco reports 2600 outages. in maryland, there maryland,4100
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-- in maryland, there are about 4100 outages in the scammer accounting, 31,000 outages in prince george's county. thousands of people at home remain in the dark. that is on top of the clean-up efforts that they face, just getting started. kris van cleave is live in forest heights to continue the team coverage. what have you seen? >> you talked about traffic issues. nearly three hours to get from dupont circle to where we are tonight. when we got here, the neighborhood was completely blacked out. the neighborhood is completely blacked out except for the tv lights. this is another thing that you will see on every street, giant trees down. it pulled the citing of this house and stopped on the awning of the neighboring house. no major structural damage, but
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a close call. the sounds of the clean-up efforts on the darkened streets. damage is trying to make it happen so people could get to their homes. >> trees in the homes, power lines down, the lights out is the story block after block in forest heights after a surprisingly powerful storms ripped through town. >> the wind was going like a tornado. >> robert stephens was home and watched the powerful wind tearing up his neighborhood. >> it was pouring down rain. when i looked around, i saw the tree snapped. and the snapped went out >> tens of thousands of pepco customers and prince george's county lost power, bad news for local businesses. >> we had to shut everything down. we had to turn out quite a few people. >> on the roads, a commuter catastrophe, a gridlock as countless street lights were left dark and debris blocked
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roads. >> it was horrible out here. >> still, some signs of hope. as soon as the storm clouds cleared, power crews were fixing polls that were bent and broken, a storm that residents say they will never forget. >> i have never seen it this bad in this area, not with hurricanes and snowstorms. never this bad. >> this was a very big tree. it's not completely off, then nearly went into -- and it snapped completely off, then nearly went into the trees. the tree removal crews will wait until tomorrow because there could be power lines under the trees and the don't want to deal with that when it is dark. pepco crews are working into the night to get the lights on, this neighborhood is dark tonight. kris van cleave, abc 7 news. it is far from alone. coming up, the downed trees and
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the district and montgomery county, and knew at 11:00, one woman's brush with death. >> a local family avoids a major tragedy during the storm. you won't believe the story.
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parts of northern virginia are in shambles as the wild weather sent trees and the homes and left many residents in fear. in fairfax county, the situation turned dangerous. one area hit particularly hard, the 700 block of tower street in falls church. that is where john gonzalez continues the team coverage. >> how powerful was the storm? take a look at this. this is the huge rootball of the tree.
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about 150 feet away, on the other end of this tree, a home was severely damaged. the family was evacuate, but not before a 2-year-old boy and his grandfather suffered head injuries. >> i cannot go outside but i knew there were serious damage. >> this storm left its mark in falls church. flooding roadways and front yards downed power lines and a number of toppled trees. and now lopez was at home with her husband and grandchildren when it to massive trees came crashing through the home's roof. "it was such a big bang," she said, "parts of the treat came through the house." branches and limbs continue falling. after getting an urgent phone call, deleon gonzales rushed over. >> i thought they were joking, but when they said my father-in-
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law had an injury along with my nephew. >> the family temporarily took shelter under the carport. "my husband came out of the bedroom yelling where is the child. he had a deep gash on his head." parts of the tree landed in this man's yard. >> i heard it crashing limbs and a tremendous flood. >> he is just thankful the rain started falling before the powerful wind forced the children inside. >> power lines are still down in this neighborhood and it will take months to repair this home. fortunately, we are told the two victims are expected to survive. john gonzalez, abc 7 news. i am bob ryan. the violent thunderstorms finally have cleared the area. we will get a break from the unprecedented and dangerous
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weather. >> macarthur boulevard, a giant mess because of one tree and a lot of power lines.
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back to the top story, the aftermath of the powerful storms. conditions remain quite dicey along the border of the district and montgomery county, tree still causing major problems. richard reeve is live in northwest with that part of the story. >> this is the story of one road affected by one giant tree. this is macarthur boulevard, used by thousands of commuters, closed since rush-hour. power crews are still trying to get things moving. the work goes on, late into the night, along macarthur boulevard. >> it is bad, but nothing they can do anything about. >> pepco crews are trying to get utility lines back up. and get the road back open after thursday's violent weather. >> it was really strange. the wind was really strange. and makes you wonder.
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>> high wind toppled this tree, pulling down power lines. >> it was tough for the crews to get in there. >> this is a major commuter route between d.c. and montgomery county. emergency vehicles use it, too, for started drivers turning around tonight. -- frustrated drivers turning around tonight. >> you just have to make do. >> this person was trapped inside of her car but a giant fallen tree at 36 and o. >> i heard the noise and sirens and bashed in the back window. >> like on so many other summer nights, a lot of wondering and waiting for the power to come back. >> i don't remember it being this bad as ever except this year. >> that was canny scot, among the many people trying to get across, trying to get to work tonight. pepco crews are working on the
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power line. we called the company to try to find out if it will be opened by tomorrow morning. no return call, but things look good. we will have to wait to see if macarthur boulevard will be open for the morning commute. richard reeve, abc 7 news. we'll take a brief moment to check the top stories. loved ones honored the memory of a benedictine nun who was killed in a car accident but a truck driver. at last check, the two surviving nuns remain in critical condition at inova fairfax hospital. a funeral for the nun who was killed is tomorrow. residents met at a dog park where an off-duty police officer shot another person's dog. people say they are horrified that the officer shot their german shepherd. the officer claimed he feared
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for his safety, but they say that he did not injure the officers dock. anne arundel county police say the investigation is ongoing. you said during the break it is incredible. >> when we see the size of the trees, and john showed. rootball. it is incredible. worse.ould've been a lot >> finally, we will see breaks in the pattern. outside tonight, there is a bit of color. so often when we have seen the ferocious storms, some people saw rainbows, and a little bit of colors at the end of the day. the high temperature to say, into the 90's. -- a high temperature today, into the 90's. 4690 degree days. officially at reagan national, 69 mile per hour wind gusts.
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a look at that temperature, a high around the east, doppler, that is all that is left of the showers and thundershowers. it just plain old rainshowers around the tidewater area. the high temperatures today around the country, into the 90's. once again, well above 100 degrees in many areas. on the weatherbug network, 73 mop or hour wind gust at t. c. williams. i think the rain gauge reset. many spots well over 2 inches, the wind up to 60-65 m.p.h. hardly any rain in silver spring, but you had damaged a couple weeks ago. it has been to the north, and now right around washington and to the south. the high temperatures today around the country, well above 100 degrees in memphis. spots in the deep south in
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during the heat and humidity. it still heat advisory is, but by tomorrow, we will get into the north, northwesterly wind, noticeably drier air. it will be a welcome break from the pattern. tomorrow, a bid muggy, around 70-75 in town, light wind. as we get into tomorrow and into the weekend, big recovery process from all of the power outages and damage taking place. temperatures around 93 degrees, more comfortable as we go through the afternoon. best of all, for the weekend, lots of sunshine. i think it will be a quiet weekend, really minimal risk of thundershowers if you are heading towards the beach. the beach weekend looks nice. next week, the humidity comes back, but no sign after repeat of this. we had the winter, then the heat, then severe thunderstorms.
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the sports go on. >> the nationals are making plans for stephen strasburg to come back, showalter has the birds flying high, and mike shanahan talks about albert haynesworth. but until you hear this.
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the toyota sports desk, brought to you by your local toyota dealers -- moving you forward. the redskins did not practice this afternoon because of the storm. albert haynesworth had an mri to evaluate his sore knee and reportedly it showed no structural damage. haynesworth on the field this morning watching practice and afterwards he looked fine. he went through 20 minutes of individual work with the defensive coaches and was really good. with the solid workout and knee, he should be practicing with the team soon. >> we will wait and see. today it surprised me how well he did it in the drill work. >> high praise from mike
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shanahan. stephen strasburg pitched a stimulated -- simulate game today and he is on the list to throw from the hill tuesday against the marlins. he said he felt a little bit out of sync but his shoulder felt great, good velocity. strasburg said the inflammation lasted only two days and he has been feeling good ever since. he will go tuesday against the marlins. the nationals in arizona, late game out west. a top of the third, the nationals down 2-0, adam kennedy, stroking it. the diamondbacks, arizona leads 6-2 in the fifth. zimmerman has the other home run. angels-orioles, tied at 4-4. manager showalter, the birds flying high, 5-4. that is three victories in a row.
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the world championship of golf, the bridgestone invitational in ohio. tiger woods is tied for 70th. 70th! watson is the leader at six under par. will tiger ever be tied her again? he is not intimidating anybody on the tour, but it is interesting. it has a lot of people talking.
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some quiet days, first of all, this storm will remain well off the coast. for us, this is what will be happening, sunshine and the next few days, and the weather will
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be quiet over the weekend. >> thank you for joining us. "nightline" is next. [ man ] i was deciding what to do
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